Saturday, April 11, 2015

Almost There

Well, there’s good news, there’s bad news, and there’s exciting news (which may also be categorized as good news).

Fronts of the hives. The bees enter at the bottom of the triangles.
Good news! After a week of cold, rainy and just generally crappy weather A. and I finished the paint on the hives. They look pretty sharp if I do say so myself. There are studies that show that bees can

see a handful of colors so we painted the hives accordingly. Painting hives different colors will help the bees know which hive is their home. In some cultures they paint different symbols on their hives too. An “X” on one and a diamond shape on another, for instance. A. and I also went for a walk today to enjoy some of the beautiful weather. The peeper pond was just nuts! Between the spring peepers and the wood frogs (which we affectionately call “chucklers”) the cacophony was deafening and I do believe I put my fingers in my ears at one point. But I digress, on this walk we also decided on a final site for the bee hives. I think its going to be a good one with plenty of resources nearby for the bees to forage.
Backs of the hives. This is the two bottom deeps or brood
boxes and the hive-top feeders on top of that. Should we
need to put any honey supers on they will look like the feeders.

Which brings us to...

Bad news. Unfortunately, there are a few items in this category. We still have to build our elevated hive stand and get it down to the site. Not to mention it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and I have a band concert. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing my horn in the band but geeze, talk about poor timing. A. assures me that we won’t have a problem getting everything together for the bees despite my musical absence but I can’t help feeling anxious.

Ok, are you ready?

Exciting news! THE BEES ARE HERE AND WE’RE PICKING THEM UP TOMORROW!!!! Ok, well seeing as it’s after midnight it’s actually today but I’m sooooo excited to get them. Unfortunately, since it may rain all day tomorrow we might need to hold them in their packages overnight in the basement until Monday when it’s forecast to be nice. You can’t really put bees in a hive when it’s raining. I mean you could, I suppose, but I just don’t see that going over very well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Alright, I need to try to go to sleep now. Lots to do in the morning.

Bye for now!

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